• RoleArchitectural Consultant - Builder
  • Date04.08.2017
  • 57
This project translated a curtain wall and wood frame building into a THERMASTEEL PANEL "Greenshell". The Windows became punched openings at 8" intervals to mimic the Curtain Wall openings. The use of Contemporary Windows by Weathershield into the Punched opening saved $48,000 on the Glazing line item.
Every exterior surface of the building is made of Structural Insulated Panels manufactured by Thermasteel. Even the Curved Roof Panels are beveled to maintain a tight envelope on the roof. Flat roof panels below the deck are supported on Cold Rolled Galvanized Beams. The Curved Roof Trusses are Galvanized as well. Other buildings in the development were made with Wood Trusses that were not properly vented. Moisture problems from not letting the moisture escape caused the trusses to rot. We will not have this issue since the Galvanized Trusses and panels will not rot nor mold.