Construction Management is a much better building delivery system than the General Contractor method. By contracting directly with the Sub-Contractors you have much more control. You do not have to deal with the bulky overhead of the GC. Change Orders go smoother.

purchase orders

Our Purchase Orders protect you "six ways to Sunday." They make sure we have the authority to reject work and throw workman off the job site. They detail and elaborate the scope of work. The Purchase Order requires a one year guarantee of workmanship. Some trades like roofing we can get longer warranties on materials.


In Business as Chicago Workshop since 1986 we have long established relationships with our preferred sub-contractors. We have weeded out the non performers and have great relationships wiht the people we have bid on your project. They show up when they say they will. They provide great value. You are welcome to recommend ANY sub-contractor and we will have them bid on the project as well. It will be very rare that they will beat the Bid Number from our preferred Sub Contractors.


Our Electrician for over 20 years. Incredibly realiable, professional. A dream to work with.


Peter the owner is another 20 year relationship. Peter is a Mechanical Engineer who provides engineering expertise for the Heating and Cooling of the project. He can recommend systems based on decent value oriented systems to exotic Geo Thermal Systems

GC Versus CM

The General Contractor "Guarantees" his number. Or does he? You are not privy to the actual costs that the General Contractor obtains from his Subs. You pay a premium for the comfort of knowing the "exact cost" of the project. Why not obtain those numbers yourself. You can then make better decisions about your project. Why not be in control of the line items of your project. As your construction manager we represent you and make sure that your wishes are indeed followed.
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